An interior designer will be tasked with creating usable and visually pleasing architectural spaces inside a physical structure. Interior design professionals typically study the behaviours and movements of individuals in the working and living environment, this is to help create spaces which are both attractive and functional.

Interior designers may also perform the interior decorating work on the spaces that they design. An interior designer may also perform the interior decorating work on the spaces they design. An interior decorator is different, they wont design the space which they work in. Instead interior decorators focus on the furnishing, wall and floor treatments and artistic touches that will help to provide ambience and atmosphere to the interior space.

Differences between hiring a designer and a decorator

Most interior design professionals will be employed by a construction or architectural firm, they will work in conjunction with builders and architects to design usable spaces for a variety of human activities. In other cases, interior designers may be called upon to create functional and beautiful set of interior spaces for a property. Interior design experts work for builders and contractors rather than directly for private individuals.

Interior decorators are typically hired by homeowners to improve the visual appeal of an existing space. The interior décor experts usually specialise in commercial or residential spaces and will use lighting, wall treatments, flooring, furnishings and accessories to help create a pleasing look.

The benefits of hiring an interior designer

The services of a qualified interior designer are crucial when it comes to creating usable spaces for working and living. Contractors and builders depend on these professionals to provide them with dvice on a variety of ergonomic and acoustic issues, as well as help in the design of lighting and traffic flow patterns that make sense in the specific interior environment.

Homeowners can benefit from the help of an interior designer or decorator when it comes to remodelling or revamping their living or working areas. Interior decorators are knowledgeable about the effects of colour and the right use of accessories to create an illusion of greater space or to provide a cosy, comfortable environment for everyday living.

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