When it comes to learning how to organise your wardrobe properly, it can save you so much time and energy on a daily basis. We all have to get dressed every day, in some cases more than once depending on the different things you’re going to be up to throughout the day. Without having a system in place, this can become very messy. Take a look at our step by step guide on how to reorganise and declutter your wardrobe…

The main reason your organising your wardrobe

There’s a few common things that have been said, possibly a few times, but it’s important to be motivated to make sure that you get it organised and sorted properly.

Clear out and assess the left over space

Its important to make sure that your wardrobe is completely empty when you start reorganising the space, this will permit you to see exactly what you have in terms of your clothes and the storage space you have to use.

Sort through the items

Pick up each piece of clothing and make a decision about it, do you want to keep it or throw it away, make different piles for different decisions and then you can decide based on the amount of items in each pile, what you’re going to do.

Finding a place for everything

As with any organisation project, you’ll want to make sure that you have all of your items in places that make the most sense for you and the way you live. Assess the amount of clothing you have and the space you have to store them in.
  • Clothes that your less likely to wear everyday can be stored out of the way, maybe under the bed or in the loft, so they’re still accessible when you need them.
  • When it comes to sentimental items like wedding gowns can be placed into deeper storage.
  • Out of season clothes, for example summer clothes and winter clothes that aren’t needed until the season can be kept out of the way too, you can rotate your clothes inline with the weather and the seasons.

Organise each space

You’re now ready to sort out your wardrobe, you have everything you need and want to store in it and you’ve ensured that it’s those items that you’ll use frequently.

Test it out

Now you’ve sorted everything out and your wardrobes and closed are organised, trial run the system and see how it works for you. If there’s any issues or changed that you think will help, then make them and change your wardrobe to suit your requirements.

Make any tweaks

When it comes to evaluating your organisation system, you’ll want to be able to tweak anything that doesn’t work well for you.

Ask yourself these questions…
  • Is it still hard to find items quickly?
  • Do you still feel like you have too many clothes?
  • Are there many ways in which you’ve needed to re-evaluate?
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