Reinvent and Refresh your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

It’s not always a wise idea to tamper with expensive furniture, especially when it comes to sliding wardrobe doors. But if you can’t afford to replace it completely, then renovating it is the next best thing. You can give your bedroom a fresh new look, though you may not have the budget available to do what you want. If this is the case then you might need to consider adding your own personal touches to furnishings in your home. Take a look at our top tips to reinvent your sliding wardrobes…

Add mirrors

This is one of the best ways to reinvent your sliding wardrobe doors without replacing them completely, new frames and panels can be purchased to give your sliding wardrobe a brand new look. If you’re thinking about new panels for your sliding doors, then one of the first things that you can do is to consider mirrors. Not only do mirrors add the illusion of space to a room, they can also help you to bring your old doors back to life.

Repaint them

Painting your old wardrobe doors is a great way to bring them back to life, if you have old doors with scratched on or you’re simply bored of colours, consider repainting the panels. Glossy panels are a great option but a matt finish might be better and give them a new colour look using paint.

Hang some curtains

Two possibilities come with curtains, firstly think about removing your sliding wardrobe doors, keep the internal storage and hanging curtains in front of the open space, this will change the way you open and close the empty space. Or you could keep your sliding wardrobe and use hanging curtains or drapes in front of them. Door and curtain combinations can add extra privacy and also decorate your bedroom in a new and unusual way.

Cover in wallpaper

Covering your door panels in wall paper is similar to painting them but will provide a new and quirky look to your wardrobe doors. Try choosing a wallpaper that will tie in with the theme of your room and your home.

Play with textures

Some textures or materials, usually felt and cork, are options when it comes to replacing or covering your wardrobe doors, as well as providing a sharp new look, they also provide practicality. Both felt and cork can be used as notice boards, this will allow you to pin reminders or your favourite photos to your wardrobe doors.

New handles

If you already have handles you can change them or refresh them by adding new ones, it’s a great way to give them a fresh look so consider replacing the current handles with different ones to bring them back to life.

Apply vinyls

Vinyl stickers including decals are a great idea when it comes to getting creative, vinyl stickers can be printed with your favourite words or images, then carefully stuck to your doors. This is a great way to add colour to your room.

Remove the doors

You could remove the doors completely, this will leave only the interior storage solution, an open shelving look can work if you take the time to keep the shelves and your clothes tidy.

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